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What's here?

So here are some videos and animated gifs to help understand what is going on during movement. This is difficult for a circumcised guy and any person who has not seen an intact penis (and maybe even those that have) to know what is going on. Hopefully if the explanation I gave didn't clear it up, these will remove any confusion. The videos have be cropped to only include movement. If finding good pictures wasn't hard enough, videos were even worse. Anyways, browse away.

Oh, and a brief video about issues found on the analysis pages is on youtube, see here.


Notice how he is moving all the shaftskin he can for pleasure, little does he know it should be much easier and more pleasurable. The worse thing about it is he is actually lucky enough to have enough slack skin to do what he is doing now, at least he doesn't have to use lube every time. Many circed guys rarely touch the head during masturbation and just slide their hand up and down the shaft. Many also do not have a frenulum.
This guy doesn't have much movement in the shaft and tries to stimulate the head. However, without lube, too much can cause soreness, especially on the shaftskin... often the skin right below the glans becomes sore and red. Almost no movement in the shaft, should be obvious how this can make sexual activity more difficult during masturbation, oral, and handjobs, not to mention changing the dynamics of sex.
With lube the glans can be stimulated, but requires reapplication and ironically, tastes and smells. Notice how the frenulum area is especially focused during stimulation... even if removed during circumcision the area still provides more pleasure. Again lube is used, notice the squeeze and rub technique at stimulating the glans, perhaps a sign he has trouble with pleasure. You can also see that when the shaftskin is too tight the scrotum is pulled and can become uncomfortable, he holds it in place... this can also be done to allow the hand to glide more easily.

Looking at these videos now I remember how after masturbation without lube the mind is able to block it out or maybe even interpret the discomfort as a sort of pleasure during the act... but afterwards the penis actually feels sore. It is almost like you had to overcome it mentally.


Notice how the skin comfortably hugs the head during movement. Also, don't forget the mucousal inner skin is in contact with the head, creating and recieving pleasure unlike a hand. An interesting thing you can see here is how even some of the frenar band/elastic skin is rolling in on itself, though part of that might just be with how he is moving it.
Common to intact guys, his hand follows the foreskin over the glans, letting him control pressure/friction. Notice how the glans is not only shiny, but is obviously smooth. Also notice how the foreskin has more redish tint then the rest of the shaftskin. The frenulum can also be seen.
Another angle showing how the foreskin glides over the glans. The foreskin is long enough to slightly overhang and stimulate the entire glans. When aroused, the glans enlarges and becomes more smooth... the foreskin glides with just enough pressure without deflating or over stimulating the glans. Simulating this effect when circumcised, even with lube, can be difficult.
This video shows a few possible examples of manipulation during foreplay. Very little effort is required. The movement here is common to masturbation, while you may have noticed from the other videos circumcised guys often perform certain techniques that can be more difficult for a partner to emulate.    

If you notice the movement is more methodical and slow, certainly not the only pleasurable technique, but the gliding happens with very little effort... which without lube would be more difficult for a circed guy to do.

Movement Gifs:

An example of retraction. Movement of the foreskin.
Although kinda grainy, this one shows the position of various parts of the skin during retraction. This clearly shows that much more then just "a snip of skin" is removed.    

After reviewing all of this, think how the differences between circumcised and intact would affect masturbation, foreplay, and sex. Perhaps re-read the analysis page.

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