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What and why?

      The purpose of this page is not to delve specifically into the many pro/anti medical circ studies, but instead answer questions, issues, and thoughts many of you might have. More basic questions like... What exactly is the foreskin? How does it move? What does is it suppose to do? How clean is it? How does it smell? How is pleasure (sex/masturbation) different? Cosmetically, what is the difference?

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What is it and how does it move?

      Lets start with what exactly the foreskin is and how it moves. Many people in the US have this impression that the foreskin is useless, and some sort of flap or extension of skin... A funny thing is when I was in about 4-5th grade we started having "sex ed" videos and whatnot and I thought the actual head of the penis was removed. It was to hard for me to visualize exactly what the difference between circumcised and uncircumcised was, and of course, part of my confusion was me thinking I was intact. Of course, later I found out I was circumcised and that skin was removed, but I still didn't know much about it, why I was changed, or why I didn't get a choice. I somehow thought the scar line was where the foreskin would come out of, kinda like some sort of perpendicular extension that would fold over the head and be mobile while the shaft was stationary (just like mine) or at least... something weird like that. Little did I know, the foreskin isn't a separate part of the penis, it is merely just part of the shaftskin.

      Now what does "part of the shaftskin" mean? When I say that, I simply mean the shaftskin is all 1 continuous skin system. A simple way to think of this is to imagine your forearm is the shaft of the penis and your fisted hand the head. Now imagine you have enough skin on your forearm to slide the skin up and over your fist... simply enough, that is a "foreskin". There are 3 main types of shaftskin (in order from the base), outer, ridged band, and inner skin. We will go into those more later, but circumcision essentially removes the entire "mid" section of skin and some of the inner/outer skin, depending on the circumcision, to limit mobility. Now for those of you paying close attention, you realized something interesting you may not have known before, by removing the mid section, the outer and inner sections must be "stitched" together, which then will create the scar line. Circumcision devices make the "stitching" easier then it may sound, but the remaining skin has to be brought together (and hopefully enough is left to accommodate erections).

      Since that issue is cleared up, to finish up "how does it move", the last thing to mention is that the removed ridged band/prepucial ring/frenar band or whatever you want to call it is what keeps the skin "taught" against the shaft and head during movement... or summed up in a single word, elastic. This section of elastic skin goes around the penis and then connects to the underside of the head... to the frenulum/frenum (some circed guys actually have the frenulum left). The frenulum helps keep the skin over the head (when flaccid, partially erect, jogging, etc) by creating a "bunch up" of skin so when the elastic skin is over the head it is less likely to pull back behind the glans on its own (when the elastic skin is over the head the frenulum is actually in the "mid section"). However, more importantly, since the frenulum is connected to the elastic band and to the head, it also helps to make the actual gliding as smooth as possible . Hopefully that was enough to help you understand what exactly is going on during movement. There are some videos below so you can actually see what is going on. On top of the above description, the elastic skin (and frenulum) are filled with more nerves then the rest of the skin, which in turn stimulates other areas of the skin during sliding. Which brings us to the next topic...

Movement Videos:
Variation1   Variation2 Snip of skin?
More Vids...

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How is pleasure different, and what else does the foreskin do?

      So how does the removing the skin affect pleasure and what else does the skin do? Lets look at how "useless" the removed skin is. From above you learned that the elastic band and frenulum are filled with extra nerves... so unlike circed guys, the focus of pleasure is not just on the head and immediate area behind the head, but also on the ring and frenulum. Now some of you may be thinking, "but when the skin is over the head, it doesn't come in to contact with the vaginal wall so the direct contact is blocked by a layer of skin" and you would be right, however, you are still thinking that the head of the penis can only receive pleasure from direct contact with the vaginal wall. I got stuck on that for a bit too, but remember that inner skin from above? This skin is what is touching the head, which is a mucous membrane, similar to the vagina and is also more nerve packed then the outer skin... so the guy's head isn't in contact with the vagina, but the guy's own skin. Also, remember the elastic band (filled with more nerves) is now what is receiving the direct contact and pleasure. And that is still not it... remember how the elastic band is connected to the frenulum? During both an outward and inward thrust the band will create a slight pull on the frenulum which give more pleasure. Any circed guy will tell you they receive pleasure from pulling back on the skin, and that is part of why. The other part is that the inner skin right below the head is actually one of the more sensitive. Why? Because this is where the elastic skin would move over before going over the head on an outward pull, and also where is pull is given during an inward thrust. Which is why you may have noticed, your lover, or you personally (circed or not) especially like to stimulate this area during orgasm.

      Whew, after all that, you may be thinking, wow, intact guys must orgasm much faster with all those extra nerves! Well, maybe that would be true if sex and masturbation were only about physical sensation, but a large number of things influence when someone will orgasm. Including self control, physical, emotional, and psychological components. If one of those areas are lacking, another can come in and help out. This is part of why circed guys can still enjoy sex... that along with the glans and area right below it providing a decent amount of pleasure, especially those circed as adults. My personal experience with this was keeping my glans covered for an extended period of time (6 months) to see how the sensation would change, and it definitely improved, however, I didn't find my "time to orgasm" really changed... that was something I was worried about, but really, it is almost like the extra sensation help me control when I orgasmed, and when I did orgasm, that is when I felt the most difference. Orgasms before felt good, but not that good, heh. And it wasn't so much of a "getting to orgasm" as it was enjoying it until I decided to... if that makes sense. Obviously I dont have complete control, who does, just more. So with my personal experience with this, I doubt there is much of a difference in "normal" circ/intact guys when it comes to "lasting long" in bed. I do remember seeing an older study saying there was a small few minute difference, but I have to wonder... what about the "time to orgasm" for women with intact men (discussed below)?

      As for masturbation.. if you normally just rub the shaft, area below the head, and/or have enough remaining shaft skin to move it a bit for pleasure... then, well, that isn't really what I would call an orgasm. Sorry, those techniques feel no where near as good as using lube, which I realized even more so after keeping the head covered. Yea, using lube is a pain to clean up, but IMO its not really worth it otherwise... unless you are really horny. Intact guys have their own "lube" so they can receive these "true" orgasms without any extra work, reapplications, or messy lube cleanup. I will go in to this "lube" more later, for now though, lets change genders...

      We have only been talking about how pleasure is different for the guy, how selfish, what about your partner? How does making the shaft immobile affect the pleasure for a woman? Well, bluntly... its like using a dildo. When I say that, I'm referencing the immobility, friction, and the need for plenty of lube. Lets start with the big one, friction. The more friction the better right? Nope, sorry. To much friction actually causes more rawness/soreness then more pleasure. This is amplified by how lube is "scooped" by the edge of the head of the penis. Wait, what? Yea, lubrication gets caught in the "groove" behind the head and taken from where it should be out to the open air to dry. But not only that, since more of the shaftskin is also drawn out of the vagina, the lube on the shaft comes in to contact with the air and dries up, which amplifies the friction even more then the immobile shaft. In an intact guy the penis is actually rolling in and out of itself (see above movement video), which keeps more of the shaftskin inside the vagina. However, the rolling will only go so far... it doesn't stay all inside like some sort of female condom, it just provides enough rolling to make sure it is comfortable and to provide "padding" to make sure the friction isn't to rough and lessen/eliminate the need for lube. Both friction and lube are affected by the amount of mobility the shaftskin has. Since circumcision kinda "guesses" how much skin to remove, some circed guys will actually have enough skin to lessen this problem... so every couple is affected differently with sex.

      Sex isn't all that people will do though. Oral/handjobs are also easier and not so exhausting for the woman of intact men, for a few reasons. The glans/head is more sensitive, and the foreskin is easier to manipulate then trying to form a fist around the penis while also using proper lube and pressure.... stuff that an intact penis does automatically, just move the skin. Many times women will try all sorts of different techniques to provide enough pleasure when it shouldn't be that difficult. Some people might be thinking, yea but doesn't the intact penis smell, who wants that when getting so up close and personal? This, like oral with women, isn't always an issue, especially with proper hygiene. If it happens to be, the woman can do the same as a man would do... tough it out, ask for a quick wash, shower together, use your hands more instead of mouth, or do some other technique. If you really like oral and wouldn't want to take the chance of smell being an issue.... smell, but fun/easy, or no smell, but more difficult.... the amount of oral your partner wants to perform is probably about the same and still more pleasurable. Check out the next section for more on this "cleanliness" issue.

      What helped me realize even clearer how this whole pleasure topic affects men and women is porn... I realize some may not believe in watching it, but in this case it is educational, not for arrousal. Anyways, what you will notice is how many of the circed guys seem to struggle to climax during handjobs or masurbation, they (man or woman) often have a stronger grip and usually stop stimulation at the base of the head, missing the main pleasure point. During/building up to ejaculation is usually shown by a strong slow moving grip below the head. Sliding the hand over the head can be irritating without enough lube, and just saliva isn't really the greatest. The intact guys will almost always have the foreskin moved over the head, often with the whole hand in order to do a slight squeeze to amplify the sensation. During/building up to orgasm is shown by either a slow moving slide of the foreskin over the head or a faster full grip over the head. Sex itself looks similar aside from the bunch up of shaftskin during the instroke, but in a real world situation, the foreskin will allow for a lot more pleasurable foreplay and the differences listed above. I would really recommend those that doubt the pleasure and function differences to watch a few videos.

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What about cosmetic and cleanliness/care?

      Sooo,even with all that has been said, what about cleanliness and cosmetic issues? I find these two issues somewhat annoying... why? Well, in general I find cosmetic surgeries and the like something people shouldn't need to do. However, what that person wants to do to make themselves feel better, is their business, they know what they are getting in to. Yet circumcision as an infant isn't the choice of the boy.... would you do any other cosmetic surgery if it wasn't a defect? Would you change their big nose, big ears, anything? Everyone will have different opinions of what is beautiful, attractive, sexy, and appealing. Which is why, for the most part, kids are left alone. And trying to use cosmetics as a reason is on shaky ground not only since it is subjective, but also because circumcision rates are dropping, to around 55%, so being intact will be much more common, who knows what the preference will be. Yet, the ground shakes even more because it is a permanent procedure. A guy left intact can always make the decision later. A guy circed, is stuck.

      Alrighty, how about proper care? Despite what many people seem brainwashed in to, cleaning the foreskin is super easy. Once retractible, pull back the skin, rinse with water, and your done. Soap can be used, but if used to often may cause redness, soreness, etc. As an infant it is even easier. The glans and inner skin of the foreskin are "fused" together so simply the outside would need to be washed and when the skin becomes retractable, simply follow the steps mentioned above. The only real "special" thing is that the foreskin becomes retractable on its own and forcing the separation will cause pain/tears, some parents and even doctors wont know this... which actually leads to bad/unneeded diagnoses for circ (the same can be said for using soap to vigorously/often). During these problems phimosis is often misdiagnosed as well... usually because of the improper care. It's kinda sad when you put some of these preconceived notions and assumptions to the test, I remember when I thought all these drawback were huge, so inconvenient I was fine with being cut... too bad I actually gave it some thought.

      And cleanliness? That "lube" mentioned in the above sections is called smegma, everyone produces it... male, female, intact, circed. Of course, in circed guys most of it is "rubbed" away since the inner skin is in direct contact with clothing, but some remains nonetheless. If the genitals are left unwashed for an extended period of time smegma can buildup and has a smell to it. However, a simple rinse during bathing removes it. I have kept saying "smell", but not really saying whether this is bad or good. This is because whether the smell is distasteful, ok, good, or arousing varies per person, per penis/vagina. Of course, some people just assume they will dislike the smell but have never been exposed to it, or perhaps, to the "right" person's smell.... but this dislike shouldn't go further then extra washes before sex, or if you really hate it an adult circ, but not infant circ.

All that said, how about some pictures? Some people may not have even seen both types, so how about some pics to see the difference. I have also added a page about my personal experience with being circumcised..

No frenulum   Frenulum
Uneven Scaring


Retracted Closeup
More Pics...

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