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What and why?

      Here I am not going to dissect passages, verses, etc, simply be more generalized in how I look at religion and circumcision. I don't claim to be extremely knowledgeable in this area, capable of properly dissecting various verses, so I am not going to try. Here I will briefly look at tradition/culture and circumcision.

Freedom of Religion?

      Freedom of religion, something that has been sought after for generation upon generation, and even today. People want to be able to follow the religion they believe without being persecuted... stoned, tortured, killed, etc. On the flip side of this, you have people that don't want to be harmed by another person or group practicing their religion. Freedom of religion, should protect people in both scenarios, but what if it is a parent practicing their religion upon their child? Where is the limit? Food choices, movies, books, education, dating, sex, piercings, sacrifice rituals, genital cutting. When do parenting choices and practicing religion go to far, what is "sacred'?

     Not many people would argue against, "everyone deserves the right to choose their own religion". However, this doesn't mean exposing your child to your religion is wrong, just that everyone should be given a choice about what they want to believe... be able to spiritually search out and find out where they belong. Showing them your beliefs and religion is fine, if later they decide to go a different way they can easily do so. However, permanently changing the body, by definition, isn't something that can be reversed... by doing so you are saying, "this is what we believe, you cannot escape it, your opinion doesn't matter". I know people don't like to look at it that way, they just want what is best for their child... but fail to realize the boundary they just crossed. Also, even people following the same religion have many different views, so even if your child believes in your religion, they could differ in certain beliefs.

     Notice, no where in the above paragraph is circumcision mentioned, it has been left open to any permanent alteration. To keep perspective, instead of circumcision (something you may currently be comfortable with), imagine we are talking about something else done as an infant... like eyebrow removal (permanent), removing male nipples, index fingernail removal, scarification, tattoos, female sunna circumcision (removal/trim of the labia and clitoral hood), etc, and see how you feel (all done with minimal/no pain meds). Are you starting to see why people think the choice should be left up to the kid? At this point, you may be thinking, yea but those examples would be illegal, male circumcision isn't! You are definitely correct, but the basic violation is the same. Besides, "its not currently illegal" isn't really a reason why it should be legal. If there were large medical benefits, maybe... but there isn't, especially for infants.


     Not entirely separate from religion, the push for circumcision can be one of tradition, it is done because the father was done, and his father was done, etc. Although medical/personal data exists, they are often ignored and the biggest push is one of "it worked for me" or pressure from the family. What the person has experienced and lived with is what is comfortable. This can be a powerful motivation... however, what must be remembered is the responsibility to your child, what is best for them, and performing unnecessary cosmetic surgery isn't on that list... there are already enough issues with body image and cosmetic surgeries. 

Everyone deserves the right to make decisions about their own bodies and religion they follow, not having a choice can cause psychological damage.

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