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What the heck is a circumstraint?!?

The purpose of this site is to look at a topic that is almost a "taboo" subject for many people in the US, something people do without thinking or doing research, that is often done before the person can decide what they want, that has a strong cultural and/or religious push, that once done is permanent, something that, for all these reasons needs to be given a closer look. The subject is male circumcision.

Here you will find answers to many questions/thoughts you may have (pain, cleanliness, appearance, health benefits, etc) and hopefully discover all new stuff as well. It is difficult to find sites that aren't biased, and this is no exception. Although both sides of the issues are put out there and discussed, I am personally against it and some of that may shine through. However, by leaving your child intact you are actually taking neutral ground, you let them research and find what is most important to them. Any research you do could be interpreted and valued differently by many people... and since this is a highly personal issue, it just makes sense that the owner of the genitals would be making the choice.

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